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How we respond to COVID-19

In response to the pandemic, Pedalea Mexico Bike Tours has implemented flexible policies and measures that exceed government standards for cleaning, disinfection and prevention of COVID-19 transmission. These are some of the steps we are taking to guarantee the health and safety of our guests and employees:
– We carry out most of our tours outdoors in environments without much crowded population in one place, always promoting social distancing. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature and sites of cultural interest while meeting relatively few people on our entire tour.
– All our tours will be made with a maximum of 6 passengers, to reduce the risk of exposure to an infected person. symptoms are performed on our guides and visitors before each tour.
– Guides and / or clients will not be able to take the tour if they have a fever or other symptoms of infection or illness.
– Our guides undergo COVID-19 tests every three months and whenever they show symptoms, as allowed by government policies. If they test positive, they are not allowed to take a tour until two weeks after they have become “symptom free” and tested negative.
– Our guides avoid physical contact with guests and refrain from shaking hands, kissing and / or hug us in no time; Instead, we encourage peace signs, namaste greetings, and other creative non-contact greetings.
– Fresh snacks, lunches, and bottled water are always provided in unopened containers and containers that have not been touched by other tour groups.
– Our guides always carry hand sanitizer. disinfectant hands and wipes.
– Our guides use them frequently, and we encourage our guests to do so as well.
– All employees have personal protective equipment and hygiene equipment in addition to being trained in health standards.
– We provide a secure online payment website where guests cover all Advance tour deposits and charges by credit or debit card, so the payment process is contactless.
– We provide a secure, online website where guests must fill out all their details to activate their accident insurance. customers are guaranteed during the tours and avoiding crowds.